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plastic mouldings for biothreat sampling kit

Biothreat sampling kit

plastic mouldings - vehicle tracking device cover

Vehicle tracking device cover

plastic moulding antistatic detection cover

Antistatic gas detection cover

vacuum formed automotive tray

Custom transport tray

antistatic pcb tray

Antistatic pcb tray

Plastic Mouldings for the Security & Detection Industries

Plastic Mouldings from Toolcraft UK stand out in quality and precision; just what's needed in the security & detection industries. As well as custom Plastic Mouldings, we offer custom vacuum forming and a very large range of vacuum formed antistatic plastic trays.

Custom Plastic Mouldings UK

We offer a complete design, toolmaking and precision plastic moulding service. We've manufactured a large range of plastic mouldings for the security and detection industries, such as equipment for the satellite tracking of people; vehicle tracking; exhaust pipe gas analysing equipment; plastic mouldings for gas detection and specialised containers for biothreat sampling.


We're very experienced with small precision mouldings and can make products from 1mm in size, up to approximately A4 size. Our experience and attention to detail ensure the very best quality plastic mouldings for your project. We can advise you on material choice depending on your project needs and you we will always propose the most time and cost saving innovative ways of manufacturing your product. For more information, have a look at our plastic moulding pages.

Custom vacuum forming service

We also offer a complete vacuum forming service, including design & tooling. Custom vacuum formed parts can be a low cost alternative to injection moulding for simple and low-run products.


Vacuum formed plastic trays are very suitable for the storage and transportation of small parts and equipment. We design them with useful features such as finger recesses to make inserting and removing the parts from the tray easier, slots to fit the parts in the tray neatly, and grips to hold parts securely in the tray. They can be designed to nest or stack as well.


For more information, have a look at our custom vacuum forming pages.

150+ off-the-peg styles of storage trays for sensitive equipment

Our standard plastic trays service allows you to choose from our 150+ range of pocketed trays, eminently suitable for the transportation & storage of sensitive equipment & tools. They are available in black, white, ECO recycled & clear plastics, as well as in a range of HIPS colours and in black conductive HIPS for the protection of electronic components. Matching lids are also available. To find out more, go to our plastic storage trays page.

Toolcraft developed the injection mould tooling suite and injection mouldings for our ‘Integrated Multiplex Assay and Sampling System’ - IMASS Device, which was designed by Greaves Best. Throughout the project and its various redesigns, we've had the benefit of their support and expert advice, especially from James Caldwell, for which we're very grateful.

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