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benefits of insert only injection mould tools

Our insert-only injection moulding mould tool option is proving to be ever more popular with our customers. This is a brief explanation of how it works.

Short recap on injection moulding

squirting in process

As you're no doubt aware, hot plastic gets squirted into a metal mould tool, which then opens up to release the moulded part. Simple, when using our expensive injection moulding machines and highly trained & experienced staff - Here's a more detailed explanation.


The part of the injection mould tool that determines the end shape of the moulded part is the core & cavity insert. The part surrounding it is the bolster. The bolster channels the plastic material into the core & cavity and it also provides the means of fitting the core & cavity into the injection moulding machine.

So what's insert-only mould tooling all about ?

cavity side of insert-only tool

What we've done is created a standard bolster system. That means that we can design and manufacture a core & cavity insert to fit one of these standard bolsters, saving you the cost of the bolster part, as well as the time needed to make the bolster.


So, if you're in a hurry and on a tight budget (and who isn't ?), our insert-only tooling can save you between £500 and £1500 on your overall tooling cost. Nice.


So to recap, insert-only tooling is great because :

  • you only pay for the insert & insert change-over
  • you save manufacturing time
  • when you need mouldings, we fit the insert into the bolster fast

Remind me, what other injection mould tools can Toolcraft do ?

  • Aluminium Alloy mould tools: cost saving & better quality mouldings, the best choice for short to medium run projects – Why ?
  • Steel mould tools: very hard wearing, the best choice for very long runs (millions) and more complicated tooling - Why ?
  • China-made tooling: imported, tested, serviced & guaranteed by us, the best choice to save costs & get peace of mind – Why ?
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