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5 reasons why aluminium alloy mould tools are better than steel mould tools

Aluminium alloy mould tools are better than steel mould tools - this is a bold claim to make, but one which we can justify using technical data and our experience of making over 600 aluminium alloy mould tools.


So why do we also make steel mould tools ? Because if you need millions of very complex mouldings, have few cost or time restraints, or need a tool with mechanisms which constantly rub against each other to make the mouldings, they are the best solution in the long term.


However, if you need to get your product to market quickly, within budget and the quantity of mouldings you need ranges from 1000 to 100,000, aluminium alloy mould tools are the best solution for you and below are 5 reasons why :-

  • Easier to machine and polish - faster tool delivery, lower cost & simpler modifications
  • 4 x thermal conductivity of steel - better tool heat dissipation & thus, faster cycle times
  • Closer to tool temperature ejection - less stress, distortion, warpage & post mould shrinkage
  • Excellent consistency & experience of 600+ mould tools - we'll guarantee your tool life
  • 1/3 weight of steel - reduced machine energy use & staff fatigue loading tools or inserts
Comparison of Materials used to make Mould Tools
Mould Tool Material Density G/CM3 Hardness*1 Thermal Conductivity*2 Yield Strength KSI
QC7 Aluminium Alloy*3 2.833 167 HB 91 74-79
STANDARD Aluminium 2.722 95 HB 96 40-42
P20 Tool Steel 7.888 28-37 RW 20 130-135
H13 Quality Tool Steel 7.777 52-54 RW 14.4 228
*1 - HB = Brinell, RW = Rockwell. Higher numbers mean increased hardness levels.
*2 - Values in BTU/[(Ft.² Hr.°F)/Ft.] at 68°F - higher numbers mean greater thermal conductivity.
*3 - Alternatives to QC7 with very similar characteristics may sometimes be used.


As you can see, aluminium alloys offer many benefits & allow us to make production quality aluminium alloy mould tools & mouldings for you in less time & lower cost than our competitors.


So, if you'd like your mould tools at lower cost with fast delivery please contact our sales team or for more help with mould tools, view our help page.

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