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Aluminium Alloy Mould Tools

Toolcraft used to offer aluminium alloy injection mould tools, made using alloys developed by Alcoa and IBM. They were a good choice for short to long run project (100s to 100,000s), because :aluminium alloy injection mould tool

  • They were cheaper and faster to make than a steel tool
  • We used to increase the life of the tool by locally Nickel Cobalt plating it to Rockwell hardness 55.
  • They were much stronger than the aluminium tools used for propotyping

However, nowadays we have a very successful Chinese Mould Tooling service, offering strong Steel Moulding Tools at very competitive prices + Toolcraft guarantees, leading us to largely phase out our aluminium alloy tooling service.


However, we're still happy to make aluminium tools for you - SEND US AN ENQUIRY


Here at Toolcraft we've made many mould tools, providing high quality tools & precision mouldings fast and at competitive cost.

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