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Chinese Injection Mould Tools

Manufacturing in China can save you a lot of cost, but it can come with problems such as miscommunications, delivery delays, inferior quality and the paperwork surrounding importation.

However, Toolcraft have developed an excellent working relationship with our Chinese partner and so Toolcraft's Chinese injection mould tools are the best choice for you if your project needs the cost savings of Chinese-made mould tools, combined with the peace of mind of having a UK contact and Toolcraft's guarantee.

china made injection mould tool from Toolcraft
  • We brief our chinese partner thoroughly - we'll make sure they know what you need
  • We take care of all importation issues - no paperwork for you
  • We take care of all communication - you'll get none of the issues that going directly to China can cause and you'll have just one UK-based project manager to deal with
  • We test the mould tools here in the UK - if something's wrong, we'll sort it all out
  • We can service the mould tools here in the UK - no need to send them back to China if they need some TLC
  • We guarantee the quality of your injection mould tools here in the UK - you'll get an excellent product and complete security
  • We'll keep you updated on the progress of your mould tools, with photos if required

Once the injection mould tools have been made, we can make your mouldings here in the UK, ensuring a continuous and fast supply of your plastic parts. We've worked with our Chinese partner for over 5 years and have provided a large range of customers with injection mould tools and associated precision mouldings in this way. Have a look here for a schematic overview of the Chinese Mould Tool Manufacture Process.


Our other tool options include: aluminium alloy mould tools, insert only mould tools and steel mould tools.

We worked extensively with James Caldwell, the Designer and Projects Manager at Toolcraft, on the waterproof case and docking station for our revolutionary new paging system. Throughout the design, modelling, mould tool manufacturing and injection moulding process, Toolcraft provided excellent service. The injection mould tools were made by Toolcraft's Chinese partner, but Toolcraft project managed, guaranteed and imported them. The product changes we needed during the process were made quickly and reliably & the end result is excellent.

Chris Booker, Bluebell Communications LLP
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