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Steel Injection Moulding Tools

The need for low costs and short lead times means that more and more injection mould tools are made from aluminium alloy, but steel injection moulding tools are still the best choice for you if :-steel injection mould tool detail

  • You have a project that is sure to need millions of mouldings
  • The injection moulding tool needs complex, precision mechanisms that constantly rub together during production of the plastic mouldings

In these instances a steel moulding tool will simply be the most durable solution for your project needs and the most cost-efficient in the long run.


Toolcraft's precision moulding tools benefit from our 35 years + toolmaking experience, which started when steel moulding tools were the norm. We can advise you on the best choices for your project. Our experience allows us to spot potential cost savings for you, foresee problems, and make excellent quality injection moulding tools in very good lead times.


Our other moulding tool options include: aluminium alloy mould tools, chinese mould tools and insert only mould tools.

Why choose Toolcraft For your Steel injection moulding tools ?

Extensive Expertise

We've got experience. Our design engineers will take one look at your project and say, why don't we make it this way, it will be faster, save you money and result in better quality mouldings. They know what works well and where possible problems may arise. They will make a smoothly working tool and spare you production-line headaches. We share some of our expertise in our advice pages, have a look at the Injection Mould Tool explained, Injection Mould Tool Life & Mould Tool Types.


Excellent Technology

By investing in technology, we make steel moulding tools for you at low cost & in less time than our competitors, because :

precision mould tools, steel mould tools, complex mould tools, toolcraft plastics mould flow analysis
  • Our tool design+manufacture software can import a vast array of file types to eliminate some design and production time normally required. This way we can offer you rapid production of complex injection mould tools at much lower cost, saving you time & money.
  • Our machining software calculates the optimum toolpaths needed to make the tool. It also stops cutters from machining areas cleared by previous ones. This means we'll make your mould tools in less time.
  • Our mould flow analysing software shows us in detail where air trapment and hotspots might arise, where the weld lines will be and much more. This means we can catch those issues before they ever arise, saving time & cost again. We include this service for free with orders for injection mould tools.


Extra Benefits

  • precision mould tools, steel mould tools, complex mould tools, toolcraft plasticse-drawings

    You'll receive part drawings or 3D models to view & rotate without extra software on your PC

  • precision mould tools, steel mould tools, complex mould tools, toolcraft plasticsTool Progress Reports

    You'll be able to monitor your tool's progress & plan the mouldings into your production schedule

  • precision mould tools, steel mould tools, complex mould tools, toolcraft plasticsInspection Reports

    You'll receive a Trial Report confirming the quality checks that have been made

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