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Electroplating Tanks and Chemical Resistant Storage Tanks

Toolcraft offer a custom fabrication service for chemical resistant tanks. Our very experienced plastic fabrication team is able to assist with material choice, design and fittings. With over 30 years of fabrication expertise under his belt, our fabricator is the right choice to make a custom, fit for purpose and safe electroplating tank for your application.


We can make a large range of different tanks, including:


  • Electroplating tanks
  • Gold plating tanks
  • Bunds
  • Electro Nickel plating tanks
  • Dip tanks
  • Plating barrels & drums
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Rinse tanks
  • Tank Liners

Solutions and Material Choice for Electroplating Tanks

Depending on your process, the solution & its concentration and temperature, we can advise you on the best material for your tank. We can cater for most soluble Acids and Bases plus varying water solutions. Depending on the solution, its concentration & temperature, we can fabricate tanks for up to 90°C. We can fabricate in Polypropylene; HDPE; PVC; CPVC and PVDF.

Chemical Storage Tank Guarantees

We'll happily guarantee our work for a number of years as we have no doubt of the quality of our workmanship. However, the life span of any tank is fully dependent on the solution used, its concentration and the working temperature. For example we could give a lifetime guarantee on an ambient temperature water tank but only a 5 year guarantee on an electro nickel plating tank used at a high temperature. Therefore, please check your quote for the guarantee given on your bespoke tank.

Electroplating tank fittings for extraction

Efficient fume extraction is paramount for a safe working environment. We can fabricate your tank with all the fittings needed for extraction:

  • Extraction hoods
  • Extraction side bars
  • Fusion pipework
  • Ventilation ductwork
  • Damper blade kits

Fittings for filling and drainage

We can also create all the fittings needed for safe and efficient filling & drainage of your tanks, for example:

  • Pipes & bosses
  • Running bar mounts
  • Sparge air pipes
  • Pump/electronic plastic mounts
  • Drainage pipework (with inline filters if needed) with fittings and valves to safely empty the tanks.

Electroplating Tank Quote

We need quite a bit of information to give a good quote, such as the solution used, its concentration & temperature. Just click below to go to our detailed eletroplating tank quote form which will tell us everything we need to know to quote for your project quickly and efficiently.


We recently moved premises and invested in a new powder coating plant. Stephen Scargill had already supplied us with several pre-treatment tanks for our powder coating plant a few years ago. As the quality of his work is excellent it only made sense to approach him again. The two tanks were made within the time quoted and the quality was excellent again.

Barry Byrd, Alu+ Ltd


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