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Toolcraft Plastics' guide to Buying a WFP System

Fitting or re-fitting your van with a new WFP System is a big investment. There are a lot of decisions to make and options to choose from, such as what heating system, what type of delivery unit, whether to go for a standard rotational moulded tank or a custom fabricated tank. You also need to think about the filtration needed and what questions to ask the manufacturer when you've got some quotes to compare.


To help, we've put together this guide, covering:

Bespoke Versus Ready-Made Tanks

WFP Heating Systems Compared

Gas Heated WFP System

Diesel Heated Water Fed Pole System

Electric Heated WFP System

WFP System Delivery Unit Types Explained

Delivery Only Unit

DI Unit

RO Unit

Static Unit

Trolley System

FAQ & Explanation of Filtration Terms

Comparing Quotes : Questions to Ask


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