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WFP Tanks - Bespoke Fabricated Compared to Standard Rotational Moulded

How much ??? Yes, a custom fabricated WFP Tank is more expensive than a rotational moulded standard tank. But before you write off the idea, here's why a fabricated tank is just better.




Bespoke Fabricated Tank


Standard Premade Tank
Process Fabrication - sheets of plastic are cut to size and joined using watertight heated beading. Features and fittings can be added wherever needed. Our window cleaning tanks have the same thickness throughout, no weak parts. Rotational moulding - hot plastic material is poured into a rotating premade mould - every tank is identical. Due to the nature of the process, the tank will not have the same thickness throughout and can have weak spots.
Material Polypropylene - a triple carbon bond polymer selected for its strength, impact resistance, chemical resistance and most importantly in a cleaning business, it’s heat resistance. Polyethylene - a cheaper material which works well for rotational moulding, but is less strong, less chemical resistant and less heat resistant.
Insulation We can make tanks very well insulated, with a layer of insulation between 2 layers of polypropylene, keeping water at at high temperature throughout your working day, as well as saving on heating cost. None, tanks are made from just one layer of polyethylene.
Baffling Our Water Fed Pole tanks are fully baffled when stationary as well as when moving, with honeycomb baffles all connected on 3 sides, keeping water still but allowing for heat to spread throughout. Baffled, but due to the nature of rotational moulding, baffles cannot be not constructed to keep the water still when vehicle is moving.
Shape Just about any to fit your van. Predetermined size & shape.
Price A superior product means a higher price ! Low.
Delivery A couple of weeks - as the tank is handmade to your specification, delivery depends on the complexity of the tank and on how many orders our skilled fabricator is dealing with at that time. A couple of working days from most suppliers.


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