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Water Fed Pole Tanks & Systems - From DIY to Fully Installed

Our Plastic Fabrication Service offers complete custom Water Fed Pole systems, designed and made here at our workshop in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Complete Custom WFP Systems

To work out the best system for you, we take into account your van, your style of working, the hardness of the water in your area. We also consider ease of access and charging. We can make a simple holding tank for pure water or we can make a complete filtration & heating unit so all you need is a tap...and we can make anything in between that.


Our Water Fed Pole tanks come insulated or non-insulated to suit your needs and they're all fully baffled with strong honeycomb baffling, designed in such a way that the weight of the water is centralised in the van. We’ll be happy to fit the entire system to your van and we can supply & fit all extras needed, such as:

  • electric pumps & pump housings
  • filler tanks & hoses
  • clips and mounts for hoses and pipes
  • screwthread bosses for immersion heater fitting
  • fast fill outlets for a backpack, trolley or pressure washer
  • return pipes and valves for pressure washers
  • mounting points for power up reels
  • electrically controlled fill/shut off valves /solenoids
  • volt meters and inline TDS meters
  • DI (De-Ionisation) vessel holders

Standard Sized Tanks for DIY Systems

Are you one of those handy people who like to DIY ? We offer a range of standard sized WFP Tanks, ideal for if you prefer to build & fit your own system. All our WFP tanks are made in PP material, can be Insulated or Non Insulated & include :-

  • 255 series Inspection Lid
  • Built-In Top Tray
  • Transparent Sight Level Gauge
  • 2 x ¾" BSP outlets
  • Honeycomb Baffling to centre the weight of the water in the vehicle, ≤400L 4 cells, 500-1000L 6 cells per tank
  • Pump to Tank secure fixing Pad
  • Battery to Tank secure fixing Box including protection from water drips
  • Baseplate to securely bolt the Tank to your Vehicle: 6mm for 300-500L; 9mm for 600-1000L tanks - often an additional cost with off-the-shelf tanks
  • Immersion Element inc 3m core Cable, Rubber Plug & 2¼" BSP Boss - supplied with Insulated WFP Tanks only

Insulated & Non Insulated WFP Tanks & Prices *

Tank Capacity Tank Size LxWxH Non-Insulated Insulated Indicative Image
300L made in 6 mm black embossed PP 1050 x 555 x 555
B: 1100 x 750 x 6
£660.00 £1215.00
400L made in 6 mm black embossed PP 1050 x 555 x 715
B: 1100 x 750 x 6
£800.00 £1300.00

500L made in 6 mm black embossed PP

1100 x 818 x 625
B: 1200 x 1000 x 6
£885.00 £1545.00

600L made in 9 mm black embossed PP

1100 x 818 x 720
B: 1200 x 1000 x 9
£1295.00 £1925.00

700L made in 9 mm black embossed PP

1100 x 818 x 840
B: 1200 x 1000 x 9
£1495.00 £2125.00

800L made in 9 mm black embossed PP

1100 x 950 x 820
B: 1220 x 1110 x 9
£1530.00 £2540.00

900L made in 9 mm black embossed PP

1100 x 950 x 920
B: 1220 x 1110 x 9
£1645.00 £2850.00

1000L made in 9 mm black embossed PP

1100 x 950 x 1020
B: 1220 x 1110 x 9
£1845.00 £3050.00
Note: WFP tank prices exclude delivery charges & VAT @ - Fitting & Colours available at extra cost.
Tank sizes are in mm & for standard designs - other sizes / designs are available within that price range. B: = Baseplate.


* Pricing correct at time of publishing, but may be changed at any time.

I came to Stephen Scargill at Toolcraft for a bespoke tank to fit a premade frame. I needed 4 things that it would have been impossible to get with a standard premade tank: a built in semi-transparent sight gauge to keep an eye on the water levels; a quadrilateral but not rectangular shape; a sloping bottom allowing for all water to be used; and fitting placements to match the premade frame. Stephen built me two excellent quality tanks very quickly and I'm very happy with the end result.

Paul James, Reflections Window Cleaners

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