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Bespoke Window Cleaning Tanks – How to Compare Quotes

When you've obtained a number of quotes from different tank suppliers, it can be hard to compare them effectively through different quote layouts and small print. Here are the essential things to look out for.

1. Which material will the tank be made out of?

An ‘off-the-peg’ tank will be rotational moulded and made out of polyethylene, which doesn't score well for heat and chemical resistance, nor for strength. The choice of material for fabrication is much larger, so ensure you do your homework and compare the different materials suggested in the quotes to ensure they’re right for your application. Here at Toolcraft, we use Polypropylene for window cleaning tanks, a material with a triple carbon bond polymer which scores extremely well for strength, impact resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance.

2. Is the tank fully baffled?

A standard rotational moulded tank will have no baffling at all, so in the case of a Water Fed Pole van, hundreds of litres of water slosh around with every movement. Fabricated tanks can and should be fitted with strong baffles to keep that water still. Every single Toolcraft tank has honeycomb baffling - tanks up to 400L have 4 compartments, 500-1000L tanks have 6 compartments and 1000-1200L tanks have 8 compartments. The compartments increase in size from the middle to the outside to achieve optimum centreing of the weight of the water in the vehicle. Check your quote to see if baffling is included, how much and how it’s fitted.

3. How strong is the tank ?

Large window cleaning tanks should have support from double walling and baffling. Standard moulded tanks just don’t offer these options.

4. How many inlets and outlets are built into the tank, how many lids ?

You should check how many are included in the price. But what you should really check is if they suit your needs ? Are they in the right place for your van and working methods ? Could you have an extra if you wanted it ? Could you have a different diameter if you need it ?

5. What fittings are included ?

Other than your inlets, outlets & lids, keep an eye out for handy extras such as transparent water gauges, bottle stands, cloth box attachments, pole racks and DI (De-Ionisation) Vessel Holders.

6. Is the tank made to fit your van exactly ?

No chance of that with an off-the peg moulded tank, but a bespoke fabricated tank should be designed to make optimum use of your van space and preferred working methods. Ensure the fabricator has thought about your van and working style. An experienced tank fabricator should come up with creative solutions for your purpose.

7. Does the quote include installation in your van?

Speaks for itself really. Just be sure to pick an experienced installer.

8. Can I get the tank serviced easily ?

Here at Toolcraft, we offer a complete WFP tank service at a competitive price.


Our fabricator Stephen Scargill offers over 30 years of fabrication experience, for the Water Fed Pole industries, but also for aerospace and F1 companies – including MOD clearance for submarine work ! Benefit from our experience now !



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