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How to get UK Engineering but pay China Prices e-book



Your Free e-book is your Essential Guide To Modern Plastics Engineering and includes :-

  • Introduction To Us & Our Industry.
  • How Plastic Moulding Works
  • How to get UK Quality and China prices !


Here's an excerpt:

Precision Injection Mould Tools - Chinese Injection Moulding Tools from Toolcraft

People sometimes say to us “My parts are cheaper from China, so why should I place my work with you in the UK ?”

In our experience the initial cost from China may be cheaper, but many companies experience quality, delivery and communication issues and have difficulty getting faulty products put right.

Confidentiality laws are not as strict in China and if your product is a true innovation, you may well be beaten to market. We work to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and as we're a British family company, communication is easy.

If your product is confidential, you can download our confidentiality agreement from our website and we'll stick to it.

The Advantages of Using Our Chinese Tooling Partner

Although we provide product design & make tooling, injection mouldings, vacuum formings & more here in the UK, we can also use our Chinese tooling partner to make tooling for you at very competitive prices, but we manage & guarantee the tooling.

Manufacturing in China can save you a lot of cost, but it can come with problems such as miscommunications, delivery delays, inferior quality and the paperwork surrounding importation.

However, Toolcraft have developed an excellent working relationship with our Chinese partner and so Toolcraft's Chinese injection mould tools are the best choice for you if your project needs the cost savings of Chinese-made mould tools, combined with the peace of mind of having a UK contact and Toolcraft's guarantee.


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