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plastic injection moulding - 2 part overmoulding

2-Part overmoulding is an injection moulding process process where 2 different plastic materials are combined to produce a part. This can be used effectively for colour effects, or where part-transparency is needed for example.


Toolcraft have a lot of experience in producing a variety of overmoulded products, such as wristbands, traffic cameras and remote control units.


The best way of making an overmoulding is by using a specialised injection moulding machine which is capable of injecting 2 separate shots of plastic material (2-shot overmoulding).


Whilst this method gives the very best quality overmoulding, these specialised 2-shot machines are very expensive, which puts this method financially out of reach for products that are at the start of their product life, or that will always be fairly low volume.


Here at Toolcraft we specialise in making 2 part overmoulding financially achievable for shorter runs, whilst maintaning excellent product quality.

Why use Toolcraft for your insert or overmouldings ?

  • Our extensive experience of producing plastic overmouldings enables us to know how materials will respond to each other in terms of, for example, adhesion and plastic material shrinkage, giving you high quality results every time.
  • We can make your shorter run overmoulding requirements financially achievable.
  • We're UK based – this means you'll get precision plastic mouldings quickly with low shipping costs, made to ISO9001:2015 guaranteed quality standards and easy communication too.
  • We have a complete tool repair service on-site, so we can make any wear & tear repairs quickly and keep your precision plastic mouldings on track.

Toolcraft make the overmoulded plastic cases & rubber sleeves for our diagnostic tools. We truly recommend their great service & high product quality.

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