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technical injection mouldings - plastic materials & colours expertise

Over the past 30 years, we’ve developed expertise in plastic injection moulding a wide range of materials and colours.


Use our knowledge to your advantage - we know how different materials respond to the injection moulding process, so we can help you select the most suitable & cost-effective plastic materials for your plastic injection mouldings.


The same applies to plastic moulding in colours - our experience means we can select the most cost-effective colouring method for your injection mouldings.


Plastic Injection Moulding Materials Expertise

Here's the complete list of plastic materials we’ve experience of injection moulding.

For more information about our moulding capacity, expertise and the injection moulding

types we have experience of, visit our precision plastic mouldings page.

Plastic Injection Moulding Colours Expertise

We offer tinted, coloured and clear plastic injection mouldings. Crucially, we’re able to offer competitively priced colours for short runs as well as long runs. As colour compounding is often unviable for short runs due to large minimum quantities, we offer solutions with colour masterbatches & natural colour plastic materials.

We can get from 250g of Clariant's 200+ standard colours and so make small batches of coloured injection mouldings feasible for you. More importantly we can ensure your injection mouldings have a colour consistency not commonly achievable. By using our experience of how base material responds to colouring, we can precise machine dose masterbatch to the base plastic material to get a perfect match every time.


Masterbatch dyes are not suitable for use with certain base materials (e.g. fire retardant ABS) and in those cases, we can source from 1 bag of colour compounded material for you, thus making small batches of coloured injection mouldings made from these materials possible as well.

Some final reasons to choose us for your plastic injection mouldings

  • We can make your annual annual plastic quantity and hold it in stock for you up to six months, delivering them in batches to your schedule - this saves you money by reducing setup costs incurred by ordering small quantities. Downtime is also minimised, as your plastic mouldings are available for you on demand. (Service not always available for large mouldings.)
  • We can assemble your injection moulded components for you – no need to send them elsewhere, saving you time.
  • We can pad or hot foil print on your plastic mouldings for you in-house - helping with product branding and saving you production time.
  • Our repositionable machines produce your injection mouldings more cost effectively than standard machines.

Toolcraft have been our principal plastic injection moulders since 2001, when we placed a large number of tools with them. They mould over 50 different filters and filter parts for us, in a wide range of plastic materials, including transparent PA12 and chemical resistant PVDF. They've also made some injection mould tools for us since then and we're very happy with their quality and service.

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