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Plastic Injection Moulder UK - Transferring or reshoring your Mould tool

Are you having Supply, Quality or Communication problems or Long time delays ?

A Mould Tool Transfer to UK based Plastic Injection Moulder Toolcraft Plastics will resolve all these issues for you. We're a family company, priding ourselves on superior product quality, prompt order fulfilment and personal communication.


Many mould tools have been moved to us from other plastic injection moulders, both from within the UK and from China and the Far East in more recent years. By reshoring, you'll benefit from shorter lead times, lower minimum order quantities, faster problem resolution and easier quality control.


It is unlikely that your mould tool can only run in your current moulder's machines. However, before we can run your tool, we may have to adapt it to fit in our moulding machines. We have experience of adapting soft aluminium, prototype, Austin Allen, Manumold, Boy, Edgwick and Herbert tools, as well as tools with manual load inserts, to run semi automatically in our plastic moulding machines.

Why transfer your mould tool to Toolcraft ?

  • We're a UK plastic injection moulder: you'll get a personal & swift response to any queries or issues.
  • You'll get price benefits with our facility for holding stock for you for 6 months: you can place a large order and call it up in batches, enabling you to take advantage of better part prices.
  • You'll get guaranteed quality as we're ISO 9001: 2015 certified. We'll also supply all REACH and ROHS conformity certificates (as per EU standards).

How to achieve a smooth mould tool transfer

  1. Ensure you have a small stock of product, to ensure continuous supply while the tool is moved & setup in our machines
  2. Instruct your current moulder to release & ship the tooling. Ask them to take photos of the outside and the inside (cores & cavities) of the tool before & during packaging, or observe the packaging process yourself, to ensure the tool is undamaged & packaged securely
  3. When the tool arrives at Toolcraft, we will take photographs of the tool immediately on unpacking, to ensure the condition of the tool is as it should be. We will inform you immediately if we foresee any problems
  4. We carry out any adaptations required quickly
  5. We start moulding & ensure a continuous supply of great mouldings !


To get a moulding quote for a tooling transfer, tell us :-

  1. How many mouldings at a time your existing mould tool makes (often referred to as tool cavities or impressions)
  2. The approximate Length, Width & Height dimensions of your existing mould tool * or * the Tonnage or Model Number/Type of the Moulding Machine used to make your mouldings
  3. The batch quantities you require

I don't have all that info !

Don't worry, please just send us the following :-

  1. Sketches, Part Drawings, Photos of your parts with sizes or Sample Mouldings.
    If you don't have a part drawing, please let us know the Plastic Material Type or the Properties required (e.g. UV light resistance, working temperature of XXºc, fire retardancy etc) and details of Colours or Transparency
  2. Batch Quantities required

We transferred our injection mould tool to Toolcraft as our existing moulder was unable to prevent distortion in our mouldings. Toolcraft diagnosed the problem, modified the tool and managed to make improved mouldings quickly. Moving our tool was the right decision.

Ralph Jarmain, MD, Securicode more testimonials...


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