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Plastic Vacuum Forming Design - Success for Surrey

Toolcraft recently designed a vacuum formed sink tray for the University of Surrey Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Here's the story:

To enhance our brand new teaching laboratory here at the University of Surrey, we needed some custom made plastic sink trays as a solution to extend the size of our laboratory sinks. Our students put stains on microscope slides over the sink and the sinks are then used to dispose of the stains. The different stains might contain ethanol or dilute acids/alkali and so we needed a material with strong chemical and stain resistance.


Toolcraft was very helpful form the start, coming up with material & design advice and designing the tray exactly as I'd had in mind. After swiftly making the vacuum forming tool, they sent me samples to try the fit in our existing sinks.


The trays were exactly right and Toolcraft fulfilled our full order shortly afterwards. I'm very pleased with the end result and the service from Toolcraft.

Ian Wright, Senior Lab Technician and Deputy Teaching Manager,
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey


Small sink problem sink design brief sink problem solved
Original sinks shown with stains
from the, eerm, stains
Design brief: sink marked up with
tape to indicate required tray size
Finished tray in place
  trays in use  
  Happy students in lab !  


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