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Inventor Help: Plastic Product Design & Manufacture

We have a great track record of helping inventors & entrepreneurs realise their ideas. The case studies below show you how.

Design and manufacture service a great help for inventors

A local farmer is one of the many inventors who have used Toolcraft Plastics 30+ years experience of design and manufacture of plastic products to help them transform their initial ideas into finished plastic products

help for inventors - hayball product design & manufacture The new inventors idea was a revolutionary aid for feeding horses, which was quicker and simpler to use than traditional hay nets. Being suspended from a wall, it also provides hours of amusement for stabled horses & helps prevent horse cough.

Armed with a welded fabrication, the new inventor approached Toolcraft for help & they used their 30+ years experience of design and manufacture of plastic products to redesign the product and then manufacture the mould tool and plastic products.

As horses are playful but also very strong, the colour and type of plastic used to make the Hayball is very important. By using a dark green, impact modified plastic, the Hayball avoids unwanted attention from most horses and even resists biting from the most curious ones.  The Hayball is one of this inventors many successful plastic products which Toolcraft have helped to design and manufacture.

Local farmer's design gives other inventors the boot

Following the success of the Hayball, local farmer, turned inventor James Keyser asked Toolcraft to help with design and manufacture of his latest invention, a novel plastic product to help people remove their muddy boots.


plastic products design & manufacture Whether you're a Vet or a Farmer or just walking or horse riding in the country, how can you remove your muddy boots without getting mud on you or your clothes ?  Use the Autow Boot Pull from inventor James Keyser which clamps onto your vehicle's tow bar ball to make a mobile boot jack, thus enabling you to remove your muddy boots with ease.

Once again, James Keyser asked Toolcraft for help to design and manufacture the Autow Boot Pull. Using Solidworks, Toolcraft designed the plastic product ready for manufacture & then made SLS prototype models which James used for field testing.

On this occasion, Toolcraft used their Chinese partner to manufacture the tool and initial batch of plastic products.  This reduced the costs of manufacture by 60% and by using Toolcraft's manufacturing knowledge, the project was completed on time and within budget. Due to Toolcraft's design, the plastic products were of the same high quality as produced by Toolcraft's own plastic moulding facilities.


For more help with design and manufacture of plastic products, view our product design help pages.


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