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Confidential Plastic Product Design - Confidentiality Agreement Downloadconfidentiality agreement download

Having invested considerable time and effort in devising your plastic product design, you need to develop it further, but also want to protect your confidential plastic product design.


Naturally, you may be concerned about discussing your confidential product design, but we realise that the security of your design is important and so you can rest assured that your plastic product design is in safe hands by downloading & using our confidentiality agreement.


Click on the Download Confidentiality Agreement button to download a copy of our Confidentiality Agreement in PDF format. This PDF has a quick fill functionality, so if no field boxes show when you open the form, try saving the file to your computer and opening it with a different PDF reader.



Download Confidentiality Agreement

Customer Supplied Confidentiality Agreements

We prefer not to sign other Confidentiality Agreements as they need to be read thoroughly which causes delays in replying to enquiries and they're likely to exclude third parties - this means that because our Chinese Partner (CP) aren't part of our company, we won't be able to use them to provide you with our most competitive tooling prices.


As our CP is of commercial value to us and it's simpler for us to be the only point of contact, we can't disclose their contact details and we don't have an NDA with our CP as we don't think it's fair for them to have to sign a technical, legal agreement in a language significantly different from their own.


However, our CP treats all of our correspondence as confidential. As a result, we haven't had a problem in the 10 years that we've been working together and you have no need for concern regarding the confidentiality of your designs.

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