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pad printed plastic parts: medical handle

pad printing & hot foil printing on plastic Parts

To put the finishing touch to your products, Toolcraft offers in-house pad printing and hot foil printing on your plastic mouldings. Printing on your products allows you to :-

  • encourage logo & brand recognition
  • provide contact details or website
  • advertise your complete range of services beyond the product itself
  • provide essential information on your product.
pad printing on plastic parts: tens machinepad printing on plastic mouldings - bus button

Pad printing - what's great about it :-

  • it's versatile as it can be done on curved, convex, concave & recessed surfaces, as well as wraparound printing on three-dimensional objects.
  • pad printing is very high resolution, edges are sharply defined, designs can be sophisticated and use multiple colours.
  • inks are available that have extremely high resistance against mechanical abrasion or chemicals, or that etch into the plastic material making them very long lasting.
  • inks can also be colour matched to pantones, making it possible to match company colours.

However, as the inks are more expensive and it takes longer to set up and clean up than hot foil printing, it's most likely to be suitable for long run or high spec products.

Hot foil printing plastic parts: knitting machine counter wheelhot foil printing plastic parts: fuel checkers

Hot foil printing - what's great about it :-

  • very cost-effective and fast because it's fairly easy to set up and there is no post-print drying time. This makes it very attractive for printing your short run products.
  • very long-lasting and hard wearing
  • great range of colours available, with metallic, gloss, matt and holographic finishes.

Limitations: printing colours can't be matched to specific pantones and the surface to be printed must be flat. The design has to be fairly simple.

Toolcraft's printing facilities

3 pad printing machines :

1 x Falcon Print 100 pad printing machine

1 x Teca Print 460K with adjustable pad printing head angle of 0 - 90°

1 x Dae Lim DLC 622R machine with 2 pad printing heads

1 x hot foil printing machine

pad printing plastic mouldings: panel

How to get a printing quote

Please contact us stating the quantity of parts to be printed and how they will be supplied. You’ll need to send us artwork as follows :-

  • High quality, scalable, black on white graphic images (PDF, EPS or Adobe Illustrator format)
  • Include a separate drawing/sketch with printing dimensions, pantone colours & positions of the artwork on the plastic mouldings
  • If you need e.g. a red logo with white text, e-mail two images, 1 of the logo & 1 of the text
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