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Why antistatic trays are better than antistatic bags

You may have been using antistatic bags to transport your electronics for years - but have you considered using trays instead ? We think you should and here's why :-

1. Better protection

A lidded conductive or antistatic tray is much sturdier than a plastic bag, so your sensitive electronics are much better protected. Even better, many of our trays stack on top of each other or nestle inside each other, so you don't even need a lid to protect the items and you save space !

2. Easy access

It's much easier to get the items in a sturdy tray than to get them into a plastic bag. The bags can also be difficult to unseal, so fragile PCBs may get damaged in the process. Finger access holes on the plastic trays make parts very easy to get out.

3. Savings in production labour cost

As they're easier to get parts in and out of, plastic trays will speed things up, thus saving labour cost. Parts are also easier to count and our plastic trays are suitable for implementation with pick & place robots, to really speed things up.

4. Re-usable

Our plastic trays are made of durable antistatic HIPS and can be used again and again, so they save money and are more eco-friendly than bags.


5. They fit neatly into conductive tote bins or your existing box

Our 150+ types of standard trays fit all sorts of boxes and we also have a range that fits conductive tote boxes up to 600 x 400mm. An antistatic bag can go in a tote box of course, but our trays will keep the contents neatly in place, making for easy transport between plants.


This must have convinced you that antistatic trays are the way to go. And in the words of one happy customer:

Toolcraft have supplied us with custom and standard plastic trays for many years now. They always deliver promptly and the trays are excellent quality & allow us to protect our sensitive electronic devices.

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To explore our huge range of standard trays, try our tray finder, or to get a custom tray made, have a look at our vacuum forming pages. We're also happy to help you find the right tray -