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Vacuum forming - A new line of economy trays

We've got a brand new vacuum forming product line of economy plastic trays at Toolcraft, ready to save you money !16 pocket tray

Riveting stuff. So why are they economy trays ?25 pocket tray

  • They're made out of 0.5mm plastic vacuum forming sheets (instead of 1mm), so they're cheaper
  • The pockets are shallower than our usual trays, so you can fit more in a box, saving you boxes and storage space
  • They're lighter than our usual trays, so you save on postage30 pocket tray

Fabulous. I need to know more !

Our new range of trays are all 275 x 275 mm, they're 20mm deep and have a choice of 1, 16, 25, 30, 36, 50, 64 and 70 pocket styles, a 25-cable/rod/spring-slot style and 2 types of lids. And they all nest and stack as well.36 pocket tray


You can find images and full details of the new trays here.

Right. How do I order ?50 pocket tray

Just complete our trays order form or give us a call on 01793 641040 to get your prices & place your order. It's quick and easy and the trays are made to order very fast - typically within 2-3 days.


And if the economy trays are not what you need, have a look at our complete standard trays range. And if we still don't have the right tray for you, our custom vacuum forming service will solve all your problems – don't forget about the large range of special features available in vacuum forming.

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