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Pick & Place Trays - Streamlining radio transceiver production

We recently helped a customer make their production process a lot more efficient through the use of a custom designed vacuum formed tray - here's how.


Low Power Radio Solutions Ltd is Europe’s leading supplier of short range radio modules and sensor solutions. LPRS came to Toolcraft looking for a solution that provided secure packing for transportation of the easy Radio Intelligent Controller (eRIC) radio transceiver module, but could also double up as part of the manufacturing process in a pick and place machine.

To ensure snug placement of the metal cans which encase the radio modules, a custom designed vacuum formed tray was needed. Toolcraft designed a 40-pocket pick and place tray. The tool was designed to produce 2 trays at the same time, which maximises plastic sheet space and reduces labour cost. Once the design was approved, Toolcraft then produced the vacuum forming tool with a first batch of samples within a few days and, after LPRS' approval, manufactured the full order soon after.


At LPRS the trays are first used to hold the metal cans which encase the radio modules. The whole tray is then inserted into the pick and place machine and the cans lifted and placed over the module PCB’s. In the next stage the PCB’s with the can over go through the oven and become one unit. At the end of the process the trays are re-used to package the finished product.


Andy Cross, Business Manager at LPRS, says: 

Toolcraft provided exactly the service we required. They showed a great understanding of our needs, had a really good lead time and were constantly communicating with us throughout the whole process. The trays have streamlined our production and given protection to our products. Being sturdy and re-usable as well means they provide excellent value for money. I had total confidence that Toolcraft would be able to deliver what we required within our timeframe, which they did, and their level of customer care was outstanding.”


Find out how Toolcraft can help you with smart packaging for electronic components. We have a large range of ready-designed plastic compartment trays, or if you need something more specific, our custom vacuum forming service will be able to help. 

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