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Vacuum Forming & Vacuum Moulding

Our vacuum forming service offers you a number of unique benefits over our competitors.


You can have custom made plastic trays, racks or other vacuum formings made for you, choose from our reusable standard trays & racks range, or adapt one of our standard plastic trays to suit your needs.

  • custom made plastic trays

    Our experienced designers will help you to add clever special features and advise on material selection. We can use your existing tooling or create new tooling from an existing tray - fast.

  • custom made vacuum formings

    Get vacuum formed parts custom made to your specific needs up to 1330 x 620 x 406 mm in a range of colours and made from 0.20 mm to 6 mm thick plastic.

  • standard plastic trays

    With over 150 standard trays and racks to choose from, a minimum order quantity of just 25 and no tooling charges to pay for, you'll save time and money.

  • adaptable plastic trays

    Our adaptable trays give you custom options using standard formats by enabling you to customise the size, shape & number of pockets of one of our standard trays. You only pay once to modify the existing tool & can use the existing roller cutter. For 100 - 500 off, you get standard trays cost savings & parts formed to your needs.

In addition, we can offer you non conductive vacuum formed trays or items, as well as antistatic & conductive vacuum forming and reusable packaging.

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