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EMI / RFI Shielding and chrome Plating of Plastic injection mouldings

One of the finishing services we offer to our plastic moulding customers is the specialised coating of injection mouldings. Coatings are used in special applications such as EMI/RFI shielding, but also simply to improve the appearance of a plastic moulding, e.g. soft feel decorative painting and chrome electroplating.

EMI / RFI Shielding

EMI / RFI shielding can be achieved by the application of Conductive paint, or by Electroplating.

emi coated injection mouldings


Conductive paints have a smooth and very hard durable surface. Paints can be chosen that are compatible with solvent sensitive plastics, heat sensitive plastics as well as flexible plastics. They're not designed to function as external coatings, but they can be overpainted with aesthetic finishes. A strong advantage is that the paint can be applied selectively.


plated injection moulding

Electroplating EMI/RFI coatings combine very high levels of shielding with wear and corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. It's perfect for parts that can be coated all over, as it's more difficult to mask areas. The coating is scratch resistant and lightweight. The main plastic materials that can be electroplated are ABS and PC/ABS, but there's now also a selection of specialist polymers available that can be plated. For the best quality finish 'plating grade' materials must be used.

Chrome Platingchrome electroplated injection mouldings

A superior metallic effect can be achieved by electroplating chrome finishes onto injection mouldings. Bright chrome, gold, satin chrome and black pearl are popular choices, but bright tinted lacquers and antique finishes are also available.

painted injection moulded panel


A variety of paints exists, such as solid or metallic colours; pearlescent or two-tone finishes, luxurious soft feel and textured coatings; low friction or dry lubricant coatings, as well as special coatings e.g. a paint that changes colour with heat.



preparing injection mouldings for the coating process

Most injection moulding polymers can be coated, however, it is important to remember that coating will not hide defects such as sink, flow and weld line & scratches - it's more likely to highlight them ! Even the moulding design affects its ability to be electroplated, as a wrong design can lead to excessive metal build up, or prevent plating in certain areas.


Toolcraft will ensure your injection mouldings are of the highest quality before they go into the coating process, ensuring excellent results every time. Make use of our complete injection moulding and finishing service, save time and get guaranteed results !


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