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Plastic Moulding Case Studies & Editorials

Below are a number of historical editorials about our plastic injection moulding service. We've made a great many mouldings for our customers over the years - find out how we can help you too! Have a look here for a more recent plastic moulding case study.


Injection moulding redesign service improves seal

A better seal at a much lower cost was achieved by Toolcraft of Swindon when 2 steel valve seating rings were redesigned in tough plastic.


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Tests on the acetal injection moulding showed the plastic to 'give' a little, making an even better seal than the steel at a far lower cost. The 8 radial holes were particularly expensive to machine in steel & were incorporated into the moulding redesign by Toolcraft, eliminating post moulding machining. Designing 'out' the time consuming cutting of the holes was pivotal/crucial in cutting costs & was managed on 1 mould tool without retracting cores which would have slowed the process & increased tool costs.

Originally published in EPPM Magazine.


Overmoulding saves on two material parts

2 part/colour moulding using 1 machine means complex, expensive tools & machines. Using 2 tools/machines Toolcraft can provide cost & other benefits.
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Parts inspection between shots improves overall yield by eliminating defective pieces at the first stage, whilst careful choice of material & controlled conditions, ensures a firm bond without distortion. Recently, Toolcraft used this overmoulding method to manufacture a handheld recyclable monitor which detects a number of gases with a visible/audible alarm. Toolcraft completed assembly by making 2 translucent covers, 1 with a clear lens & then pad printed and ultrasonically welded threaded brass inserts into the chassis.

Originally published in DPA Magazine.


Injection moulding technology behind hairdressers' scissors

Toolcraft Plastics have been involved with development of five injection mouldings for a professional hairdresser's scissors which are essential for ease of use and comfort.free help on injection moulding, free help on, injection moulding, transparent, special colours, help on, toolcraft plastics

An elastomer gives a soft feel to the 2 rings finger rests & is used for the soft-stop. Made from a family injection mould tool designed and made in-house, the injection mouldings are replaceable & available in several colours. Toolcraft's website gives advice on injection moulding, family mould tools & more.

Originally published in engineeringtalk.com

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