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Toolcraft Plastics News

November 2020:


ISO 9001:2015 certificate update for another year !


We've once again passed our surveillance audit for ISO 9001, scope: Injection Moulding.


August 2019:

Plastic Moulding: Advantages & Disadvantages


If you're trying to work out whether plastic moulding is the right process for you to choose for your new project, our new breakdown of advantages and disadvantages of plastic moulding wil be of help.


March 2019:

New Service: Plastic Fabrication


We're now offering a complete plastic fabrication service, making great use of the longstanding experience of our new Production Supervisor Stephen Scargill. From waterfed pole tank systems to electroplating tanks, Stephen can make just about anything you need.


January 2019:

Have you Read our New Guide: Moulding for Buyers ?


We put together a complete introduction to moulding for buyers, including advice on mould tools, various injection moulding processes, how to get an accurate quote and much more. Buyers, find out How Injection Moulding Works Now !


September 2018:

ISO 9001: 2015 - In the Bag !


Once again, we succesfully achieved our ISO 9001 certification for another year, as well as transferring to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard !


May 2017:

New advice article: Injection Moulding vs Vacuum Forming


Injection Moulding and Vacuum Forming are two very popular processes to make plastic parts. This article explains the capabilities of both processes and gives a basic guideline of the kinds of products each process is most suitable for, as well as looking at tolerances, materials & waste. Read Injection Moulding vs Vacuum Forming


April 2017:

New Case Study: Vacuum Forming Design Success for Surrey


We recently designed a vacuum formed laboratory sink tray for the University of Surrey Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. They needed a chemical resistant material to resist the stains from microscope slides. Read Vacuum Forming Design Success for Surrey.



February 2017:

New advice article: How to Cut Mould Tool Cost


Mould Tools are the most expensive part of any new plastic product. Read this article for 3 ways to cut mould tool cost.



January 2017:

We're recruiting !


Toolcraft are currently looking for a Production Operator to join our busy & experienced team. If you have a 'can do' attitude and have great attention to quality & detail, we'll be very happy to hear from you. Take me to the Production Operator job description !




December 2016:

The Possibilities of Vacuum Forming

Yes, vacuum forming is a relatively simple process, which can even be done at home with a plastic sheet, a heat gun and a vacuum cleaner. However, when designed well and when manufactured using suitable machines, custom vacuum formed products can be much more advanced. Vacuum formings can be made with a range of useful and detailed features... ... here's our guide to some often overlooked possibilities !



August 2016:

RoHs, REACH, Dodd-Frank and WEEE complianceRoHS compliance


We often get asked about our compliance to RoHS, Reach & WEEE. What are they and what do we need to comply with ?


This stands for Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE). This legislation bans the placing on the EU market of new EEE containing more than the agreed levels of...Find out more !



July 2016:

Pathways to the Future


Toolcraft had the pleasure to work with one of our customers on yet another great project recently: ECO discs. These discs, made from a shine in the dark material, are great for use around driveways, around the garden or along roads. They need very little daylight to make them glow in the dark for 10 hours.

Our customer, Hamish Scott, MD of Nevana Designs, had been making his ECO discs by hand for some time. However, a huge order from abroad made him realise he had to rethink his manufacturing strategy...which is where Toolcraft came in !...



June 2016:

Abbey Polymers & Toolcraft are looking after Baby's Nails


The 'Thumble', a clever new baby file which is designed be mounted on your thumb, had to be manufactured out of an elastomer hard enough to grip the thumb securely and feel soft enough to the touch to be comfortable. It also needed to be able to take glue, so that the emery board can be attached securely. Read the whole story on the Abbey Polymers website.



May 2016

Injection Mould Tools Explained


If you've ever wondered what's involved in the making of those injection moulded plastic bits you buy, we have a range of process explanation pages on our website. The latest one is focused on the injection mould tool itself.

Here's an interative map of an injection mould tool, explaining the function of each part.


April 2016:

Taking trays to new heights

You may be aware that we offer a large range of standard plastic trays. The vacuum forming tools already exist and we make the trays to order within a few days. You can choose to have the trays just as they come, but it's also possible to customise some of our standard trays to match your needs better. Find out what's possible.


March 2016:

Chinese Mould Tools from Toolcraft - How does it work ?

Let's assume you've realised we offer the best service at great prices and you've placed your order for a Chinese Mould Tool here at Toolcraft. This flowchart shows you all the steps from order to completed product. From order to first samples in 5-6 weeks on average! Have a look at the flowchart.


February 2016:

Pick & Place Trays - Streamlining radio transceiver production

We recently helped a customer make their production process a lot more efficient through the use of a custom designed vacuum formed tray - here's how. Low Power Radio Solutions Ltd is Europe’s leading supplier of short range radio modules and sensor solutions. LPRS came to Toolcraft looking for a solution... Read the whole story.


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