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medical injection moulding - tens

TENS machine

medical injection moulding - hearing aid

still life of hearing aid

component and raspberry

medical injection moulding - surgical tool handle

surgical tool handle

medical injection moulding - mouth exerciser

Mouth exerciser

medical injection moulding - bedside alarm

Bedside alarm

medical injection moulding at toolcraft plastics UK

Medical Injection Moulding at Toolcraft is all about precision and quality.


Based in Swindon, UK, we offer a complete design, toolmaking and injection moulding service. We have extensive experience in manufacturing a large range of plastic components for the medical industry, such as :-

  • lenses
  • goggles
  • cases for pagers
  • TENS machines
  • bedside calling systems
  • hearing aids
  • handles for surgical instruments

We also have strong overmoulding and insert moulding expertise and can make overmoulded surgical and dental instruments.


We are a precision plastic moulding company and work under very tight tolerances - we can deliver the attention to detail and precision required in the medical industry. We're very experienced with extremely small precision mouldings and can make plastic products from 1mm in size.


We can advise you on material choice depending on your project needs and you we will always propose the most time and cost saving innovative ways of moulding your product. Finally, we can carry out printing, special coating, finishing and assembly as required.


For more information, have a look at our plastic injection moulding pages.

We've worked with Toolcraft for some years now, on a range of products. Their design, toolmaking and injection moulding service is fast & reliable and they deliver excellent quality products.

David Kinghorn, Inverness Medical



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