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Injection Mould Tools Case Studies

Below are a number of case studies & editorials about injection mould tools & injection mouldings. We've made a great many mould tools for our customers over the years with inventive redesign for production - find out how we can help you too!

Making tools 'by halves' saves time and money

Toolcraft recently came up with novel way to reduce the complexity of injection mould tools and so save money for its client, Golf-Tech.


mould tool case study: golf ball server

The original design of the injection mouldings for the golf ball server woul have needed withdrawing parts in the tool, adding cost to the injection moulding tool. Instead, Toolcraft split the mouldings into two half cylinders, made them as tool inserts which fitted into one of their standard bolsters and also allowed for the potential to double throughput. The final mouldings were joined by ultrasonic welding. - Originally appeared in dpa magazine.

Fast injection mould tools & injection mouldings

Toolcraft recently made tooling for a drain pan pump which empties 14 litres of water per hour from air conditioners through small bore tubes


injection mould tool case study: air conditioning pump

Toolcraft responded quickly to their client & via interactive design software quickly evaluated & resolved initial design problems. The water level in the condensation tray initiates the pump action so the unit had to be submersible. Low tolerance tooling & choice of suitable plastics were essential for a high integrity enclosure. Alloy mould tools reduced manufacturing times & parts were made in just weeks. - Originally appeared in EPPM magazine.

Production Economy on small injection mouldings

Toolcraft designed & manufactured a 16 impression tool with removable inserts in 8 weeks to enable mould tool editorial: 16 impression toolits client to keep ahead of foreign competitors.


Forced by instrumentation technology changes, production economies were made on associated injection mouldings (bosses etc) by making this versatile mould tool. Having more than 1 insert for each part, Toolcraft enabled production quantities to be matched to requirements, whilst retaining volume economy & tight tolerances. - Originally appeared in EPPM magazine.


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