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standard plastic trays & lids

Below is part of our range of reusable standard plastic trays & lids.


Like our other standard trays, these S5Axx trays are strong, reusable and are available in antistatic, black, clear, oil and chemical resistant, recycled & standard white plastic materials.

S5Axx plastic trays & lids, 350 x 290 x 30 mm
standard plastic trays standard plastic trays standard plastic trays standard plastic trays standard plastic trays standard plastic trays standard plastic trays
1p. 290 x 232 x 28
6p. 100 x 90 x 18
9p. 84 x 65 x 20
10p. 100 x 50 x 18
20p. 44 x 44 x 12
20p. 50 x 50 x 16
24p. 50 x 41 x 16
standard plastic trays standard plastic trays standard plastic trays standard plastic trays
30p. 35 x 35 x 12
30p. 40 x 40 x 13
S5AXX  FSLS5Axx Flat Sheet Lid Unit Prices :-ASC £1.60 BLK £0.95 ECO £0.85 OCR £1.55 RGB £0.95 made from 1mm plastic sheet.


297 x 240 x 1

S5Axx standard trays are made using a 350x290x30 mm frame tool & inserts for the pockets which can be lowered from the standard F1 positions above to F2 in the trays to give effectiveEffective Pocket Depth explainedIf a e.g. 20 mm deep pocket is moved from 20 mm to 30 mm from the top of the tray, 30 mm parts will fit in the pockets without poking above the top of the tray. This movement makes an Effective Pocket Depth of 30 mm, but the actual pocket depth remains 20 mm.
s1xxx tray with pockets at top and 30mm below top
 pocket depths up to 28 mm & allow taller parts to fit in the trays.

Like the S1xxx and S7xxx trays, the S5Axx standard trays are available as adaptable trays - please call us for prices and details.

All standard trays dimensions dimensions are Length x Width x Depth in Millimetres and p. = pocket.

Trays and Lids are made to order - typically within 3 working days and all prices exclude delivery and VAT at .

S5Axx Tray or Lid Unit Prices
QTY 30Minimum Quantity is 30 per tray or lid To save money, order mixed trays or lids from the same range, e.g. for S1Txx range :-

30xS1T12+30xS1T60 or 30xS1T18+30xS1Txx LID
You pay the 50 - 99 Price for each tray or lid !
- 49 
50 - 99 100 - 199 200 - 399
ASC £ 5.35 £ 4.70 £ 4.05 £ 3.70
BLK £ 4.10 £ 3.45 £ 2.80 £ 2.60
ECO £ 4.00 £ 3.35 £ 2.70 £ 2.50
OCR £ 5.20 £ 4.55 £ 3.90 £ 3.60
RGB £ 5.05 £ 4.40 £ 3.75 £ 3.45
= Black 1mm "Antistatic"Antistatic explainedAlthough commonly referred to as Antistatic, our trays are made from Conductive HIPS material.

Conductive HIPS has better resistivity at 104-106 compared to 1010-1012 for Antistatic HIPS.
= Black 1mmThickness of trays or lidsThese items are formed from 1mm thick sheet.

The vacuum forming process heats, stretches & forms the plastic sheet over the tool which makes the trays or lids measure less than 1mm in section.
  or WHT = White HIPS
= White 1mm ECO Recycled HIPS
= Clear 1mm Oil+Chem.Resistant*Oil+Chemical Resistant* trays or lidsThese trays or lids are made from clear PETG which is resistant to many oils & chemicals

* = Before ordering, contact us for a detailed list of which oils and chemicals this material is resistant to.
= colourColoured trays or lidsThese trays or lids can be made from standard HIPS in 9 standard colours.

Blue Dark, Blue Mid, Green, Ivory, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver & Yellow - Min. Quantity is 30 per colour.
 1mm HIPS
SamplerSampler Pack explainedYou get 20 items in total - for prices shown, choose any 2 items from this range & at least 10 of each tray or lid e.g. for S3Txx range :-

10xS3T10+10xS3T50 or 10xS3T24+10xS3Txx LID
ASC £161 BLK £123 ECO £120 OCR £156 RGB £150

Are these trays not right for you ? - Use our tray finder or to view more standard trays all on one page listed in order, click on by Tray Size or by Pocket Depth or by Pocket L x W or by Pocket Quantity or by Tray Style.

Can't find what you're looking for ?  We're always adding new items icon trays to the range - view trays TBA or our other options, adaptable trays or custom trays.

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