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plastic product design help for entrepreneurs

Toolcraft Plastics of Swindon are experienced designers & manufacturers of plastic products. We've helped many entrepreneurs to produce initial product designs & prototype models on time and within budget.

Our product design team can create designs from models, ideas, sketches or CAD files. A confidentiality agreement is downloadable from our web site to provides you with the confidence that your product idea / design is in safe hands. The product design team's manufacturing experience ensures plastic products are designed ready for production. You can work one to one with the product design team, but Toolcraft can send the designs as JPEG files or e-drawings (rotating 3D models) for those entrepreneurs that prefer to continue with their business and view the product designs once completed.


These case studies show Toolcraft in action.

Product design opens windows for entrepreneur window opener design in use

Toolcraft recently developed an entrepreneurs design which helps people with restricted movement to reach and open and close windows. Toolcraft's product design team developed the basic concept into a strong moulded product with many features.

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One end of the aluminium tube needed a substantial handle to enable considerable torque to be applied, 3 slots to hold different size keys to open windows with locks, plus storage under the handle for 2 keys. The other end of the tube needed a multi purpose plastic claw to fit most types of window handle, thus enabling the user to turn the handle & push open the window.


A small rubber pad was overmoulded onto the claw to add a snug fit of the unit with the window handle. The company name & patent details were also added, as were ribs to the plastic handle and claw to improve appearance & reduce weight and cost of the product - always important when launching a new product.


Brick layer builds new career as an entrepreneur brick layer design in use

Impaired vision caused by a motorbike accident inspired a professional brick layer to become an entrepreneur & invent a product to aid brick laying.plastic product design help, design help for entrepreneurs, plastic product design, product design help, toolcraft plastics

The product enables both the DIY enthusiast to lay bricks correctly & helps the professional in more awkward situations such as when vertical and horizontal walls are not easy to line up or easily visible.


The basic concept was developed by Toolcraft's design team into a hand held product that was simple to use and comfortable for both left & right handed users. The product needed to fit on a brick as it’s picked up for placement and incorporate leveling vials which ensure that bricks are placed and aligned accurately to create a level wall.




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