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insert moulding of metal inserts using plastic injection moulding

Insert moulding is the process where 2 or more materials are combined to produce a part, for example, the plastic handle of a metal pair of scissors.


Inserts can be put inside plastic mouldings during or after the plastic injection moulding process. We can also mould inside metal parts, known as outsert moulding.


Toolcraft has great expertise in overmoulding and insert moulding a wide variety of plastic products, such as connectors, plugs, sockets, button sets, cables and grommets.


The insert moulding process can be completely automatised, with the insert loading robotically into the plastic injection moulding machines. This can mean significant cost-savings for mass products, but the very high investment required for machinery makes this method unviable for shorter run products.


Here at Toolcraft we specialise in producing high-quality insert mouldings for low run products, using our years of plastic injection moulding expertise to achieve excellent results every time.

Why use Toolcraft for your insert mouldings ?

  • Our extensive experience in producing insert mouldings enables us to know how the materials will respond to each other in terms of, for example, adhesion and plastic material shrinkage, giving you high quality results every time.
  • We can produce your shorter run insert moulding requirements economically.
  • We're UK based – this means you'll get insert mouldings quickly with low shipping costs, made to ISO9001:2015 guaranteed quality standards and easy communication too.
  • We have a complete tool repair service on-site, so we can make any wear & tear repairs quickly and keep your insert mouldings on track.

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Toolcraft make over 300 of our injection mouldings and have also designed & manufactured many injection mould tools for us. They regularly make good quality overmouldings, insert mouldings and very small mouldings for us very quickly.

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