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FAQs - Standard Plastic Trays

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about standard plastic trays.


My parts need protection from static & transit damage - can you help ?

Yes, our 150+ standard plastic trays can be made from conductive plastic and we can also make antistatic custom vacuum formed plastic trays & other items as well as conductive plastic mouldings for you.

I'd like a sample of your S1T60 standard plastic trays - can you send me one ?

Instead of sending samples, we make to order & have set the minimum quantity for standard trays very low at 30 so you can try the trays yourself.

Re: sampler packs - Several of your plastic trays seem suitable - how many & which standard trays do I get with a sampler pack ?

You get a total of 20 trays - any 2 styles from the same range with a minimum quantity of 10 of each tray or lid e.g. for the S1Txx range, 10 x S1T60 + 10 x S1Txx lid. Sampler pack prices stated are for trays made from ECO material, please ask for ASC, BLK or WHT sampler pack prices.

Are lids available for your P3025 trays ?

Lids are available for most of our standard trays including P3025 - This should be stated on the same page as the trays, but the easiest way to check is to use the Tray Finder which lists all of our standard trays including details of tray & pocket sizes, stacking & nesting features and if lids are available. You can also sort the list to suit by clicking on the matching list heading e.g. Tray Depth to sort the trays by tray depth. Lids are the same price as the trays, flat sheet lids are cheaper if available.

Several of your standard plastic trays have pockets which look about the right size for transporting some pcbs that I need to despatch in plastic trays. If I confirm the pcb sizes and trays I'm interested in, can you confirm which of your standard plastic trays are suitable ?

If you want to make sure these standard trays are suitable, please send us a pcb (a faulty one will be ok) and we’ll e-mail you a photograph of your pcb placed in one the pockets of the most suitable standard plastic trays.

Which payment methods do you accept as I'd like to buy some of your standard plastic trays ?

Bank transfer, credit card & PayPal - to pay by bank transfer, send us an order & we'll send an invoice and our bank details. We accept credit card payments by sending you a link to a secure credit card processor & not by phone - a 4% surcharge applies for credit card & PayPal payments.

Do you stock any of your standard trays as I need some trays quickly ?

We have over 150 standard trays available in 3 types of plastic as standard and so all of our trays are made to order, typically within 2-3 working days.

Can you make your standard trays from thicker material as my parts are heavy ?

Most of our standard trays can be made from thicker material. This will make the trays stronger, but also reduce the standard pocket lengths and widths and may inhibit or stop the trays from nesting and stacking - please ask us to confirm suitability for the tray you're interested in.

Do you make standard trays in different colours as I have 3 different assembly parts & need to visually separate them ?

Many of our trays can be made from standard HIPS in 1 of 9 standard colours; Red, Mid Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver, Ivory, Orange and Purple - Dark Blue & Ivory are not available in 0.5mm.

What is the difference between antistatic and conductive material ?

For a more detailed explanation, view our comparison. Otherwise, simply put, antistatic material prevents a charge from building up, whilst conductive material allows the charge to bleed off. Our standard trays are made from conductive material, but there are more material options available for injection moulding.


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