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Fabricated Plastic Water Tanks FAQ

Toolcraft Plastics offer a complete service to fabricate Bespoke Custom Plastic Water Tanks. Our experienced fabricator can assess your ideas and requirements and come up with a custom design for your plastic water tank. To find out more about our complete fabrication service - not limited to water tanks - go to our Plastic Fabrication page now.


Below you can find some frequently asked questions about fabrication and custom plastic water tanks.

Why should I buy a custom tank when an off-the-peg one is much cheaper ?

Standard tanks are cheaper, but they only come in certain sizes and materials. They are also made by rotational moulding, which results in uneven wall thicknesses. A custom tank will be the exact size you need in the right material for your purpose. They will be made in a thick strong material, without weak spots.

Which materials can you make plastic tanks of ?

We often make tanks of strong Copolymer Polypropylene, which has excellent resistance to impact, chemicals and temperature. We can also make tanks in PVC, HDPE, Polycarbonate, ESD conductive plastic and more !

What is the best material for my product ?

We'll take into account your product & the conditions you'll use it in and can then advise you on the right material.

What guarantees do you offer ?

That depends on the product and the circumstances it's used in - e.g.impact sustained, chemicals added and so can range from a year for high exposure items to 30 years for simpler water tanks.

Can you create a spherical plastic water tank ?

Plastic fabrication can create rounded items, but not spheres. However, here at Toolcraft we offer vacuum forming as well and so it's possible to vacuum form half a sphere which we can then fabricate to specification.

Can you print or engrave text on plastic water tanks ?

We offer a full printing on plastic service. In case of fabrication we'd have to print first and then fabricate. An alternative would be to create a vacuum forming tool with engraved or embossed text. The resulting vacuum formings can then be fabricated to spec.

Can you provide CAD drawings for my plastic water tank design ?

Yes, we offer a full plastic product design service.









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