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WFP Van Storage Accessories - Work Smart, Get Organised & Make More Money

Our van storage accessories are all about making your van more organised and tidier, which will help you work more efficiently, so you get more done in your available time and ultimately you make more money. Mounted on the walls, ceiling or base of your van, they'll keep everything where it belongs and they'll impress your customer too.


Our 4 x Bottle Storage Module has 4 holes for spray bottles, fairy liquid and the like. Keeping them straight up will prevent leaking and you always know where they are.


The Brush & Cloth Storage Modules are perfect for all those bits that would otherwise float around your van and go AWOL. They come in 3 sizes of shallow tray for items like brushes and spare connectors and one deeper one for cloths.


The Bucket on a Belt Storage - straight from the belt into the van and a bit more time saved.


The 5L Container Box keeps all your chemical refills handy and safely stored in a moving vehicle.


The Pole Racks are mounted on the ceiling of the van to keep your poles in place while you're driving, plus no more tripping over poles when you're trying to work.


The Hose Reel Stands and DI Resin Vessel Holders hold 1 item for 1 man systems and 2 items for 2 man systems.


The Trolley Body is ready for you to DIY a WFP trolley. It has a strong handle, wheels and a compartment underneath, ready to mount a tank and install the electronics you need. Or you can just buy the whole thing with a 45L tank ready-mounted.


Accessory Type Part No. £ each  
4-Bottle Storage Module BOTTLESM4B £32.70
Brush Storage Module 13" BRUSHSM13 £22.80
Brush Storage Module 16" BRUSHSM16 £24.60

Brush Storage Module 18"

BRUSHSM18 £27.30
Bucket On A Belt BUCKETOAB £15.60
Cloth Storage Module CLOTHSM

1-DI Resin Vessel 7/11L Holder DIRVH1V £81.60 Image to follow
2-DI Resin Vessel 7/11L Holder DIRVH2V £141.60

Chemical Resistant Hosereel HORSER £352.50 Image to follow
1-Hose Reel Stand HOSERS1HR £240.30
2-Hose Reel Stand HOSERS2HR £302.40
Pole Rack pair - 4 Holes POLERP4H £37.20
Pole Rack pair - 6 Holes POLERP6H £62.10
Trolley - No Water Tank TROLLEY0LWT
£403.20 Image to follow
Trolley - 45L Water Tank TROLLEY45LWT £617.70 Image to follow
All prices include VAT, but exclude delivery charges


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