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Taking trays to new heights

You may be aware that we offer a large range of standard plastic trays. The vacuum forming tools already exist and we make the trays to order within a few days. You can choose to have the trays just as they come, but it's also possible to customise some of our standard trays to match your needs better.

Sounds good. Tell me more.

All of our trays in the "S" series have 'adaptable pockets'. That does not mean that the actual plastic tray has pockets that move. It does mean that, before making the trays, we can change the height at which the pocket insert of the vacuum forming tool sits. If you have a 20 mm deep pocket which you move to a depth of 30mm, the pocket itself is still 20mm, but it sits lower down in the tool. The resulting trays will have pockets which can take parts up to 30mm tall.

??? Come again ?

Yeah, sorry, it's a bit difficult to explain. This pic should shed some more light (I hope):



If that didn't help, just ask us. I also need to add a little disclaimer: certain heights of pocket may affect how well the pockets can nest.

What are the other options ?

Those "S"-trays again. If you need a deeper tray altogether, we can put an extension on the bottom of the tool that allows us to vacuum form the trays deeper, up to 40 mm. We can also make a taller lid.


Alternatively, we can make a completely custom pocket insert for the framework of the 'S' tray, giving you even more flexibility.

Nice, but what's different from a custom tray ?

We'll be very happy to make a custom tray tool for you, but our standard trays are the ones for which the tools already exist. They can be customised faster and more cheaply than it would be to make a completely new tool.

Anything else I need to know ?

You don't have to have standard 1mm thick material - we can make trays in conductive material; oil & chemical resistant material; in a range of colours; as well as in thicker materials for heavier parts.


So when you're in need of secure and safe storage of small components, find out a bit more about Toolcraft's standard trays, or go straight to our tray finder tool. You can also let us find the right tray for you -



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