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plastic injection moulding

Our plastic injection moulding expertise enables us to make many different types of plastic mouldings in a wide range of plastic materials and colours.


You can be confident that we will use our 30+ years experience in designing, tooling and injection moulding to deliver the highest quality, precision plastic mouldings at very competitive prices.


Plastic injection moulding essentially uses the process of filling a metal moulding tool that defines the shape of the product with plastic material that’s heated and under pressure. Toolcraft can handle the whole process for you, right from designing the parts and the tooling through to the printing and delivery.


We can produce insert, threaded, rubber, ultrasonic welded, printed and very small mouldings - typical mouldings include :-

  • Inserts and outserts such as electrical connectors, plugs and moulded terminals.
  • Threaded precision jobs such as instrument gears and ratchet wheels.
  • Tinted, coloured and clear plastic items like lighting covers & colour tinted goggles.
  • 2 part over-moulding and thermoplastic rubber mouldings.
  • Antistatic items.

Plastic handheld terminal covers and gas detection terminals, phone clearers, plug covers, disc drive components, plastic screws and rubber components are just some of the many items that we produce to customer specifications.

We can produce mouldings in a wide range of different materials and colours. We've produced mouldings in a large number of standard, technical and specialist plastic injection moulding materials including thermoplastic rubbers, antistatic and biodegradable materials.

Coloured Plastic Mouldings

We can produce a wide variety of tinted, coloured and clear plastic items such as those used in emergency or vehicle lighting or instrument dials.

Small Runs Available Too

We use colour master batches and natural colour plastics to make parts in more than 200 standard colours. We use machine dosing and have considerable knowledge and experience in correctly colouring and working with the base plastic. We will also use some colour compounded material where necessary. This means that :-


  • You can benefit form very competitively priced short runs.
  • You get perfect colour matches.
  • You can even get small runs of coloured fire retardant ABS materials.

To save you money and trouble in ordering new lots of small batches we can make your requirement for the year now, hold it in stock here, and deliver any small batches you require quickly as and when they are needed by you.

We can assemble, pad and hot foil print you’re mouldings here too, thus saving you more production time and money.

Moulding Capacity

With machines from 25 to 180 ton, we can make ISO9001:2015 approved precision mouldings for you from 1 to 300mm2 and in batches as low as 50 mouldings - for more details, view our injection moulding capacity list.

Toolcraft make the injection moulded plastic cases & rubber sleeves for our diagnostic tools. We truly recommend their great service & high product quality.

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